“1986” pops up on Reddit…

I was alerted today that the 1986 print made the front page of Reddit today. Rad!!!! It already spawned a GIF as well, sent to me by Fern at Daily Dot

A random flood of interest is always good. I dared looking at some of the comments posted and was amused to see to see people taking something that I drew at my drawing table extremely serious and already picking it apart…. “Hey man,. that background color is not the correct shade of blue, do you even play Mario?“,… “TMNT figures weren’t even that popular until 1987, your title is a lie”. Regardless,… one step closer to world domination.

7 Comments on ““1986” pops up on Reddit…

  1.  by  Jeff

    Please tell me there is a t-shirt with this printed on it somewhere… with my name on it… and in a large…

    • admin
       by  admin

      Hey Jeff… No shirt yet. Would be an expensive one to make as it would be 6 or 7 colors. If there is enough demand for it,… we’ll see.

  2.  by  seakatgo

    You still have the electronic art available for color reprints, though, yes?

    • admin
       by  admin

      The art is available as a screenprint here on the site. If you are asking if the art is available for people to print on their own,.. then No.

  3.  by  foxboxer

    You clearly had a hand in promoting this yourself. It’s not a happy accident.

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