Welcome to the first Scraped Knee Lottery, in this case for the “Foxy Lady” Oakland Widespread Panic print.

UPDATE – The Lottery is closed!!!!

 Please read the rules below before entering

  • Each print has been assigned a number #.  Post a comment below with a # from 1-100. You may choose only 1 number. Be sure to look at previous comments to avoid choosing a number that has already been used. Claim to a number will be based on the order of comments. First come, first serve. If you accidentally choose a taken number you can either edit your comment or re-comment w/ a number that is still open.  The comments section will be closed after all 100 #’s are assigned. In the case all winning #’s are not chosen, the Lottery will end at Midnight on May 20th and the participants w/ the closest numbers will be the winners.
  • To avoid people attempting to buy multiple prints under multiple aliases you must post using real names when commenting. This also makes it easier to contact winners.
  • Winners will be contacted the next day via email w/ a Paypal invoice for the purchase.  Invoices must be fulfilled by Sunday (May 25th) @ midnight PST or you will lose you eligibility and claim to a print.

Good luck….

141 Responses to “THE “FOXY LADY” LOTTERY..”

  1. Chatham says:

    Okay just went through the numbers #40.

    Sorry for the extra response.

    Still available:

    That’s just between 1-50

  2. Scott Guthrie says:

    85. Looks like my previous number was taken.

  3. Cole Fuller says:


  4. Steve m says:


  5. Cole Fuller says:

    Sorry 25 already taken

    I’ll go with 5

  6. Henry stern says:


  7. Scott DaValle says:

    75 Thank you!

  8. Henry stern says:

    Edit since 54 was taken. 67.

  9. Amy Michell says:


  10. Cole Fuller says:

    I’m striking out.

    26 my final choice. I’ve chosen 2 numbers that were taken

  11. Nick Mattox says:

    Numbers I have remaining
    26, 38,40, 41, 47,48, 53,55, 59,60,62,63,65,68,71,78,79,80,81,90,94,95,96,98

    That was after my response

  12. Henry stern says:

    Edit again. 65. Maybe this number isn’t taken.

  13. Shannon Patterson says:

    41… Thank you

  14. Olin Brimberry says:

    I’ll jump in at 63, please.

  15. Tha311Bliss says:

    79 pleas

  16. Jim Mattos says:

    #60 Please. My former number was already taken

  17. John Mullen says:

    #55 Please and Thank you!

  18. Tyler Sienknecht says:


  19. Jim LaFemina says:

    I’ll take 90 please.

  20. Nate Jenseud says:

    94 please

  21. Brooks Poole says:

    1 please

  22. Graham Voss says:

    68 please

  23. Brooks Poole says:

    5 please

  24. Pam M says:

    78 please

  25. Brooks Poole says:

    both 5 and 1 were taken, ill take 26

  26. Brooks Poole says:

    dangint 26,5,1 were taken lets try 96

  27. Number Guy says:

    I show these numbers still available but I wouldn’t bet my chance on getting this print on it, double check me!

    38, 47, 53, 59, 62, 70, 80, 95, 96, 98

  28. Lawson Thompson says:

    53 if available. Thanks Matt

  29. Travis says:

    Edit 53

  30. Jason Catchpool says:


  31. Travis says:

    2nd edit 98

  32. Bryan graves says:


  33. chip smith says:


  34. chip smith says:

    62 edit

  35. Justin talgo says:


  36. matthew ryle carter says:


  37. paul weil says:


  38. kevin williams says:


  39. lauren williams says:


  40. Kevin CHristian says:

    59 if its available

  41. Braxton R. Mcmurphy says:


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