Widespread Panic – St. Louis (2016) poster..


I always love doing stuff for Widespread Panic… they are my longest running client, having done my first poster for them 9 years ago in 2007, so I was excited to get the call to do a print for their current Spring Tour.


My gig was to be for St. Louis, MO… the venue the Peabody Opera House. I have only been to St. Louis once but my wife went to school there and I have some friends who live there (who helped take some reference photos for me) so I picked their brain as I wanted the poster to reflect the city more so than some of my stuff in the past. After seeing photos, the beauty of the venue struck me, with all its ornamentation and intricate gold molding through out. That and the big bear statues that line the entrance outside.


As for the concept, I went with a mysttic “Cardinal Queen”. The first couple versions were outside celebrating the Spring time.. mushrooms,.. flowers.. the like, but I felt the beauty of the venue needed to be incorporated.



The final poster is a 5-color, (18’x 24′) print printed by the folks at Monolith Press who did an awesome job. There is a print run of 300 which will be available by the band at the show. I will have a small Artist Edition run of 60 Signed & Numbered for sale on (Mon) February 22th @ 11AM (PST).

Some B&W‘s are available for those with kids that buy a print upon request. Make sure you are familiar w/ the rules of the COLORING NOOK before asking,… and if you have received a print in the past and have not followed through w/ submitting a picture then you are not eligible for another. Sorry,.. thems the breaks. I am trying to get these in the hands of people who will actually be using them as they are limited.



4 Comments on “Widespread Panic – St. Louis (2016) poster..

  1.  by  Jason

    No notice again!! Luckily we got a print at the show, but why didn’t I get an email about the on sale date! Just curious there any variants at all? I’ve been trying to get my kids a black & white to color from a show we were actually at since the Boston one! I guess it just wasn’t meant for them to color one!
    Thanks, JM

    • Scraped Knee
       by  Scraped Knee

      I don’t send out emails for every poster release. Putting together mailing list emails is actually a lot more of a pain and time consuming then it looks. I will still continue to do so but best bet for instant info is to follow my Fbook page or Instagram.

      I will have variants & a couple extra originals available next week…. B&W’s as well.

      •  by  Jordan

        Did you ever put the extra couple of original non variants you have up for sale?

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