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TRPS Rock Art by the Bay – San Rafael Rock!!!!!

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The big TRPS Summer Rock poster show is upon us and this year they are mixing it up. The show this year will be happening in San Rafael on Saturday July 11th as apart of the big San Rafael Rocks Block Party. The Block Party will be a much larger event with food, music and all kinds of art but the TRPS event is the main event.

The show will be on 4th st. in downtown San Rafael (between C & E st.) from 11am – 7pm. As usual there will a number of amazing old school & new school artists, such as:

Gary Hous­ton
Lee Con­klin
Sum­mer Makovkin
Derek John­son
Chris Shaw
Alex Fis­cher
Chuck Sperry
Stan­ley Mouse
Matt Leu­nig
John Mavroudis
Alan Forbes
Car­olyn Ferris
Tripp Shealy
Frank Bella
John Seabury
Shane Grogg
Paul Imag­ine
Jimbo Phillips
Pat Ryan
David Singer
Ryan Ker­ri­gan
Daniel Katra
Casey Castille
Scotty Roller


Owen & Meg – Wedding Invitation trifold


I had the honor of doing a wedding invitation for my friends & overall badass couple Owen & Meg for their ceremony in Asheville, NC. They were fans of the invite I created for my wedding last summer and wanted something with a similar layout.


The couple met out in San Francisco and recently moved to Asheville. Meg is from St. Louis and was hoping to incorporate elements of all 3 cities including imagery of some of their mutually shared interests in birds (Cardinals), baseball, bicycles & music.

I tried out a couple different ideas,.. toying w/ the couple on the back of a train-car or riding bicycles but eventually settled on the 2 off them sitting on a bench in a lush green garden overlooking the 3 cities skylines.


The wedding was gorgeous and couldn’t have happened in a more beautiful location.



The Coloring Nook is up and running.


About a year or 2 ago I began printing a limited amount of B&W copies of some of my posters and offering them to those with kids as a way for parents to include them and share in their passion of poster art. The idea was kids could colorful these prints and share photos of their creations. With each new B&W poster I began to receive more and more amazing pictures and began posting them on Facebook, calling the page The Coloring Nook. As the images came in and the page grew I realized that The Coloring Nook needed a proper home and now it has one,.. with a proper gallery, Nook rules on receiving a print and submission info.


I do not print a lot of B&W’s so I try to stress that this is for kids and not eBay-savy collectors and also if you request one that you do plan to actually color it and hopefully send a photo in.

Widespread Panic - VA 2012 & BW

Not every print will have a B&W version in the future as some imagery doesn’t necessarily translate to kids well but previous prints are still available. Feel free to check out the new site for more information. I look forward to seeing all the awesome submissions in the future.

Teagen Stetson (Age 5) - Widespread Panic  Boston, MA - 2014