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Widespread Panic Chattanooga “foil” variant release…


Under’ da’ Sea!!!! With Widespread Panic no longer touring I wanted to do something special for what I’m hoping isn’t my last print with them. I will be releasing a small run of special Foil, Sparkle & Lava foil variants on Monday, May 2nd @ 11AM (PST). So shiny!!!!




The print is 18′ x 24’… I will have the following available:
– 24 Regular Foil
– 14 Lava Foil
– 10 Sparkle Foil

1 per person!!!



Widespread Panic – Chattanooga, TN print

WSP Chattanooga 16

Widespread Panic are back in town for a 2-day run at the Oakland Fox Theater and with that comes a new print. I’ve enjoyed working with these guys over the years on random gigs here and there but the ability to work on shows in my own town is always a special one. I get a chance to go big and represent the ol’ neighborhood. This show falls on the announcement that the band will stop touring in the next couple months


Chattanooga, TN has some easy imagery associated with it…. the “Chattanooga Choo Choo”… Riverboats… bridges.. trains, etc. All of which I wanted to stay away from. Poster concepts that feature a lot of imagery and reference to the city in question tend to be really successful but I didn’t want it to completely dictate the whole direction of the piece. My wife has gone to Chattanooga a bunch and spoke a lot about the boat culture as well as the huge Aquarium they have. I knew I wanted to do something aquatic and mysterious and have always loved the other worldly look and design of old deep sea diving suits.


The 5-color poster is 18′ x 24′ and has a print run of 300 which SOLD OUT at the show. I will be making a run of about 60 Artist Edition prints (signed/numbered) available on Monday, April 25th (PST).




DC BRAU 5th Anniversary Throwdown & Poster!!!


The big DC Brau Brewery 5th Anniversary concert was this weekend and my liver & ears are still recovering. The event featured 5 kickass metal bands and the introduced 5 new collab beers with breweries from around the country. I have been working w/ the folk at the Brau for a couple years and was happy to get invited to the promotion/branding for this show. The Hop Shaman artwork created was originally created for an admat/advertisement used to promote a couple months ago. For more on the actual story behind the artwork, check out my previous post…. here.

For more on the event… check out this nice little post-party rundown.




james_salusky(Photo by James Salusky)

The artwork was adapted for a bunch of other cool shwag including Staff & Merch shirts, hats, badges, etc. It is always a surreal and amazing feeling to walk into a place and see your artwork everywhere. For those of you interested in getting a hold of a shirt/hat I believe the Brewery will be adding some to their STORE very soon, so keep checking.






For the screenprinted poster I adapted the imagery & text a bit and simplified the original admat colors to fit a 6-color screeprint,… which wasn’t easy. In the end the prints (24″ x 18″) were printed by the folks at Half & Half and came out beautiful. There was a small print run of 50 that SOLD OUT at the event & I will be selling a small Artist Edition (Signed/Numbered) run of about 20 on (Mon) April 25th @ 11AM (PST), as well as 2 or 3 Foils in stock.