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The Growlers San Francisco & Brooklyn diptych prints…

Surfy-rock band, The Growlers are back on Tour again and ripped up the West Coast this past weekend. I was tasked to do a print for their 4-day run at The Independent in San Francisco as well as design for their Brooklyn run later in the month.

I liked the idea of continuing w/ the classic monsters motif I started with my last Growlers poster (SF earlier this year) and came up w/ a concept involving the Bride of Frankenstein & the Wolfman. When talking about designs for the 2 different shows we thought even though they are weeks apart it could be perfect for a diptych set.

Each poster is a 5-color screenprints (18′ x 24′) with a print run of 100 that will be available at the show. I will have available a small run of 35 Artist Prints (signed/Numbered) up in the store after the shows.

San Francisco – Sept. 8-11

Brooklyn – Sept. 27-29

A very limited run of 10 rare “foil variants” will be available when each print releases as well as the ability to purchase them as a set.


Drake’s Brewing 28th Anniversary Party!!

I recently teamed up w/ the folks at Drake’s Brewing to help promote their upcoming 28th Anniversary this weekend. The event is at their main brewery in San Leandro and will feature some music, rare beers and I will be set up selling prints. Along with this there will be an in-person “Coloring Nook” booth for kiddies and drunk adults to color some of my BW’s for a prize.

The idea for the concept stemmed from the Drake’s logo featuring the 2-headed duck silhouette. A lot of the early sketches actually featured a 2-headed duck, necks intertwined but the owners preferred treating the silhouette as 2 separate ducks with separate personalities and the concept was adapted as such. Additionally I worked in some more characters that represent some of Drake’s beers, Foraging Raccoon & Electric Owl, and designed the border based off the interior of the actual brewery with its brewing kettles and barrel walls.

The final print is a 7-color screenprint (18′ x 24′) printed by the folks at Monolith Press with a print run of 150. The brewery will be giving these out to VIP-ticket holders and will have some for sale at the event. I will be releasing my Artist run of 50, on Monday August 28th…. including a small run of about 10 foils.

I love doing beer work, especially for local folks and hope to work with the folks at Drake’s again in the future on some rad projects. To find out more about the actual event go to Drake’s Even’ts Page…. Cheers!!!!!!!


Primus – Portland ME variants prints

Thanks to all who picked up my Primus print I did for their Portland, ME show this tour. This week I will be releasing a few different limited variants versions of the print.

The first batch will be small sets of foils (Rainbow, Lava & Sparkle) variants. Each are Signed/Numbered Artist editions with extremely small runs.

“Rainbow” foil variant – Edition of 15 (Signed/Numbered)
“Lava” foil variant – Edition of 15 (Signed/Numbered)
“Sparkle” foil variant – Edition of 12 (Signed/Numbered)

Along with the foils, I will be releasing a super-special “Mutant Blue” variant that I only did a few of. Nature’s craziest and rarest mutation. Cyan-y goodness!!!.

“Mutant Blue” variant – Edition of 15 (Signed/Numbered)
“Mutant Blue – foil” variant – Edition of 5 (Signed/Numbered)