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The String Cheese Incident poster – Asheville & Atlanta – 2016


The String Cheese Incident are hitting up Asheville, NC & Atlanta, GA for this years big 4th of July bash. 4 Nights spread throughout 2 cities ending outdoors at the beautiful Chastain Park Amphitheater. Hula hoops, fireworks, blue ridge mountains & warm sweaty, sweaty nights.. sound like a good time.

SCI_ATL_concept2 copy

Since the shows were so close to each other and we wanted to carry over the Patriotic fever of the holiday, both shows were combined for one poster. I knew I wanted to have something big & colorful exploding in the sky, surrounded by fireworks and worked my way through a couple obvious choices… an Atlanta Hawk… a fiery rising Phoenix… but figured why not go classic Eagle. From there the concept went through a number of variations. In the end I wanted to emphasize color, not overdue the “AMEERIKAA” & over the top patriotism of the piece and give the whole thing a bit more of a cosmic vibe.


The poster is 18′ x 24′, 6-colors and has a print run of 425…. printed by the rad folks at Good Thoughts (Boulder, CO). I will have a run of about 30 Artist Edition prints (signed/AP) available on Monday, July 6th (PST) @ 11AM (PST).

Those interested in participating in THE COLORING NOOK, B&W’s are available.




Banner 24x48

We here at Scraped Knee are going on a much needed vacation. Some Mai Tai’s.. some soft sand and finally some sunlight for our pastie in-door skin. The store will remain open but unfortunately there will be no home.

All orders received after June 16th will be shipped in a months time, after July 16th… so please no angry evil hate mail if you find yourself waiting. See you in a month!!!!!


Widespread Panic Arkansas 2016 print – Lady Columbia


Hear Ye.. hear ye,… constant road warriors, Widespread Panic are on tour and stopping in Rogers, Arkansas on June 17th, and with that comes another poster.


The concept for this piece was the under represented but not forgotten, Lady Columbia (aka. Goddess Columbia, Miss Columbia, etc..) who is the cultural little sister to the iconic American patriot, Uncle Sam. Columbia who is often confused with Lady Liberty, is the female personification of the United States of America while Lady Liberty, though similar is more the representation of the ideals and what we hope America represents.




The 6-color poster is 18′ x 24′ and has a print run of 275. I will have a run of about 50 Artist Edition prints (signed/numbered) available on Monday, June 20th (PST) @ 11AM (PST).

Those interested in participating in THE COLORING NOOK, B&W’s are available.