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Ween is back in San Francisco. New poster.


Ween is my favorite band of all time. I’ve been obsessed with them since early high school and have been lucky to work with over the years on a couple projects and was deeply saddened when they broke up. Almost 10 years ago to the date I did my first screenprinted poster for them for a San Francisco show (The Independent – 2006′). The boys are back on tour and as with a lot of things in life, things come back around. On the 10th Anniversary of Scraped Knee I had the privilege to do a poster for their 2 days of shows this week in SF.

The print is a promoter print commissioned by folks at APE/Bill Graham and given to the band, and folks back stage & involved with the show.


I wanted to try and do something for true-Ween fans, cramming as many references into the print as I could without it getting ridiculous. Most of the newer prints focus on “The Boognish” which is cool but I wanted this to stand out. I’d be interested to see if people can get all the subtle & not so subtle nods to the bands imagery, lyrics, album art, etc.


The final print is a 6-color (18′ x 24) printed by the badasses at Monolith Press and I will have a small run of 40 Artist Prints (signed/AP) available on Tues, October 18th @ 11AM (PST).




Crafty Bastards 2016 … New DC Brau collab shirt, “Occult Hopciety”


To celebrate another year of doing the big Crafty Bastards Arts & Craft Fair event in DC and an awesome long standing relationship with DC Brau Brewing I will be releasing a new collab T-shirt entitled “Occult Hopciety“. The design explores the more occult/secret society side of our Nation’s Capitol… so grab a shirt and be apart of this Secret Society of Suds.




The shirt will be available in a few different styles …standard black T, ladies “slouch” shirts & baseball ringers and will be available this weekend (Oct. 1st & 2nd) at the Crafty Bastards Arts & Craft Fair event as well as at the brewery. Whatever doesn’t sell out will be available on the DC Brau & Scraped Knee web stores.


Like last year… if you pick up a shirt from me at the show and wear it to the DC Brau Brewery you will get 50% off of a growler fill. Vice versa.. if you buy a shirt there and wear it to Crafty Bastards, you can get 25% off of any poster purchase. What a deal, huh…. thats what collaborations are all about.



The Growlers NYC/Brooklyn poster…


Years ago I randomly caught The Growlers at a small club in the Bay Area and have followed them ever since. Their psych surf-rock sound lends itself well to late nights drawing in the studio. I had always wanted to work w/ them so was pleasantly surprised when they contacted me a couple weeks ago to do a couple posters for their tour. Timing only permitted one so far for their 2-day stop in New York (New York City & Brooklyn) but maybe we’ll get to do another down the line.


I immediately knew I wanted to do something grimey and have been starting to do more surf-related art so the concept came to me easily & fit perfectly. Growing up I was huge fans of the work of R. Crumb & Basil Wolverton and was involved in the indie comic scene for a while before doing posters. My early work tended to reflect this and was a lot more cartoony than it is now. For this poster I wanted to dust off the old style and give it a try.






The final print is a 4-color split fountain (18′ x 24) printed by the fine folks at Ruby Sue, with a print run of 100 done for the bands 2-night run and I will have a small run of 30 Artist Prints (signed/AP) available on Monday, October 5th @ 11AM (PST).