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“Airship of Fools” commission print.


I recently finished a small art print entitled “Airship of Fools” as part of a commission by a group of hardcore art collectors, The Poster Nutbags. It was to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of their group and they wanted something heady and we decided on the concept of the a kind of trippy airship.


After a couple back and forth’s with concepts we decided on the “Freak Galleon” idea. Since this was for a group of print/poster collectors I tried to work in a few small references here and there.


The commissioned is 12″ x 12″, with a print run was 100, which are exclusive and currently Sold Out. I did a small run for myself which I’ll decide what to do with later on….


TRPS: Rock Art by the Bay – Summer 2016


TRPS (The Rock Poster Society) is throwing their big annual “Rock Art by the Bay” event, this year at the Mission Masonic Center in San Francisco. I will be one of the artists showcasing poster amongst a slew of amazing gigposters artists, past & present…

Alan Forbes
Alex Fischer
Casey Castille
Chris Peterson
Chris Shaw
Criesta Jerray
David Byrd
Gary Houston
Geroge Gamboa
John Mavroudis
John Seabury
Lee Conklin
Mari Tepper
Mark Behrens
Marq Spusta
Matt Leunig
Ron Donovan
Ryan Kerrigan
Secret Serpents
Stanley Mouse

The show is from 10am – 6pm and is FREE to the public…

Poster by Gregg Gordon…


Modest Mouse / Brand New poster for UC Berkeley Greek Theatre


Modest Mouse is a band I remember listening to a lot when I was in college and afterwards when I moved to San Francisco they were at the height of their popularity, they were everywhere, then they just disappeared.

After a hiatus of 8 or so years they are back on tour with a new album touring with NYC’s Brand New and played the Berkeley Greek this past weekend. I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to work with the promoter to do a poster for this show and will be releasing a small run of Artist Prints today.


The idea was to do a tripped out Spirit Animal emphasizing the Oregon roots of the band (Modest Mouse)….. Woods, nature, greenery, deers, hoodies.. the works. I love working face paint into characters mainly an aesthetic choice and gives things a bit of a mystic feel to them but in the end it seemed to muddy up the already busy character. So that element was dropped from the final version.



This 6-color print is 18′ x 24 with a print run of 400 and I will have a small run of 40 Artist Prints (signed/AP) available on Monday, August 1st @ 11AM (PST).