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Primus – “Rainbow Goblins” (Akron OH) poster, 2017

PRIMUS is back around for their Fall Tour and I got the call from Zoltron to do another print. This time in Akron, OH. . It was awesome to be a part of their last Tour Poster series which had a number of awesome artists involved and was psyched to be asked back.

The theme for the current tour as well as the new album, is “Rainbow Goblins” based off of an old kids book from the 70’s by Ul de Rico. In it a bunch of multi-colored goblins travel the lands capturing and stealing the color from rainbows. I don’t remember the book as a kid but the imagery and artwork is really amazing and leaves a lot open to interpretation.

A lot of my early concepts were almost direct replications of scenes from the book and it just wasnt working. Everything was too literal… so I decided to give my take on what I thought the aftermath of the story would look like (SPOILER ALERT)…. Nature wins in the end.

The poster has a print run of 200 (signed/numbered) which will initially be available at the show & I will have about 50 copies (#1-50) from the run available on Nov. 3rd @ 11am (PST).

To add to the pot, I will be releasing a super small Artist Edition run of 4 different foil variants:

“Rainbow” foil variant – Print run of 15

“Oil Slick” foil variant – Print run of 12

“Pyramid” foil variant – Print run of 12

“Rapture” foil variant – Print run of 12


Widespread Panic Milwaukee collab triptych

This is the third time I have done a Milwaukee tour print for the band, Widespread Panic and it becoming one of their big shows every year, we discussed doing something a little different this time around. Fellow poster artist Jim Mazza is a badass illustrator and I’ve always liked his work for years. We had been talking about doing a collaboration on a piece for a while and this event seemed the perfect opportunity. As the show was a 3-day event a triptych of posters seemed to be the perfect approach.

Collabs are fun but can tricky. I have done some in the past with Marq Spusta and Alan Forbes, and the hard part is always figuring out who does what and how to share the artwork with each other. Luckily a 3 poster deal made things a little easier with me taking over the art/coloring of the 1st print,… Jim the 3rd… and us jamming on the middle.

With Milwaukee being Brew City we loved the idea of a crazy Alice in Wonderland-themed Roktoberfest with bottle cap mushrooms and flying beer bottles. It truly was a collab with each of us taking elements of each others posters into our own and countlessly sending ideas/sketches back and forth.

The band received a print run of 200 of each poster as well as 200 uncut sheets. Each print is 12′ x 24′, the uncut measuring 36′ x 24′ and was printed by the fine folks at Good Thoughts in Boulder, CO.

Jim and I have an Artist Edition of 40 sets (20 uncuts) that we split and will be selling at the same time on our individual websites, Oct. 23rd.

Along with the regular edition we will have a small variant run of cut sets/uncuts on different foil papers available,.. including:
Rainbow Foil (Cut sets – 28/ Uncuts – 20)
Sparkle Foil (Cut sets – 8/ Uncuts – 8)
Oil Slick Foil (Cut sets – 18/ Uncuts – 18)
Lava Foil (Cut sets – 23/ Uncuts – 20)

Once again we split the run and will be selling our copies on our individual websites the day/time the posters are released.

Epic day of 8 hours of signing,…. over 1600 signatures!!!!



Twiddle Fall Tour 2017 poster…

The past couple years I had started to see posters for a band in the jam scene called Twiddle but had never really been exposed to their music. They recently reached out to me to do a print for the first leg of their Fall Tour which comprised of 7 tour stops. It’s always interesting and fun to work a new band for the 1st time and try to figure out their style and how to translate it visually.

Obviously Fall was a big influence in the concept and I had been toying with the idea of some kind of patchwork, tripped out scarecrow so the timing was perfect. The band had just started using the image of a “pumpkin amp” to start promoting so I figured it would be a good idea to work it in with a whole colorful patch of them.

This poster had a print run size of 200 that the band took on tour and I will have a small Artist Edition (signed/numbered) run of 40 available on Oct. 2nd.

Along with the regular edition,.. there will be a super small Artist Edition run of 8 foil variants available as well. Cheers!!!!