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Primus – Portland ME variants prints

Thanks to all who picked up my Primus print I did for their Portland, ME show this tour. This week I will be releasing a few different limited variants versions of the print.

The first batch will be small sets of foils (Rainbow, Lava & Sparkle) variants. Each are Signed/Numbered Artist editions with extremely small runs.

“Rainbow” foil variant – Edition of 15 (Signed/Numbered)
“Lava” foil variant – Edition of 15 (Signed/Numbered)
“Sparkle” foil variant – Edition of 12 (Signed/Numbered)

Along with the foils, I will be releasing a super-special “Mutant Blue” variant that I only did a few of. Nature’s craziest and rarest mutation. Cyan-y goodness!!!.

“Mutant Blue” variant – Edition of 15 (Signed/Numbered)
“Mutant Blue – foil” variant – Edition of 5 (Signed/Numbered)


Primus hits Portland, ME – gigposter

Come one, come all… stare in awe at the mighty clawed crustacean,… the light-housed leviathan……the one true Rock Lobsta‘. It’s my pleasure to present my 5-color print for Primus (w/ Clutch) in Portland, ME. Ayuh!!!

I has thrilled to be invited to take part of Zoltron’s latest Primus poster series for this Summer’s tour and was assigned the Portland, Maine show. I have been out there many a time,… had art shows there,… got engaged out there,… ate potato donuts there and the concept came to me almost immediately.

I am a fan of the Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, ME and briefly was toying w/ a bigfoot piece but my initial lobster lighthouse was too good to pass up.

This print is a 5-color screenprint (18′ x 24′) printed by the kickass ink slingers at Monolith Press with a total print run of 250. I will have available a run of 60 copies (signed/numbered) available starting July 27th @ 11am (PST).


Moe.Down XVI poster…

This past weekend was MOE.’s big Moe.Down XVI Music Festival show in Turin, NY and I had the privilege of being asked to do a print for the event. I have worked with MOE. in the past on numerous posters including one for their Snoe.Down Music Fest & Summer Camp Music Fest but never the big MOE.Down shindig.

The final print is a 6-color screenprint (18′ x 24′) printed by the kickass folks at Monolith Press with a run of 50 for the promoter/venue, and I will have available a small run of 25 Artist Prints (signed/Numbered) starting July 5th @ 11am (PST).

Along with the main run I printed up and will have 3 different foil variants available. A “Rainbow Foil” with a print run of 100, and a “Lava Foil” & the “Sparkle Foil” both of which with an extremely limited run of only 10.