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“YONDER CITIES” art prints..

To commemorate the release of the new YONDER CITIES cans by DC Brau & Union Craft Brewing I created a limited-edition run of “Space Jester” & “Space Captain” art prints (18′ x 24″). Just like the the cans, they are blacklight-responsive and features invertible artwork.

A total of 50 signed/numbered copies of each print were given to the individual breweries and I will have a set of 30 signed/numbered Artist copies of each available tomorrow, APRIL 18th. These are hot fire baby!!!!!!


The String Cheese Incident – Austin TX gigposter

I got tasked by the folks at The String Cheese Incident to create a new print for their big 3-day concert at Stubbs in Austin, TX. I’ve been down to Austin a couple times and have always liked the vibe of that city. Taking a stroll you might find some weird elaborate chalk drawings on the sidewalk or guerilla-style mosaics embedded in the side of a building. Everywhere you look things are very colorful, the people are artistic and of course the music is amazing.

A lot of the stuff I have done for String Cheese in the past leans more toward the cosmic & hyperspace-ish so with this print I wanted to go for more of a rustic-look yet still keeping it bright and colorful. The core concept of the steer skull w/ facepaint was there all along, it just took a couple iterations to figure the right way to implement certain things like the Capitol building or the jellyfish.

The print is a 6-color screenprint (18′ x 24′) printed by the kickass folks at Good Thoughts (Boulder, CO) with a run of 275 for the band, and I will have available a small run of Artist Prints (signed/AP) starting April. 18th @ 11am (PST).


“Yonder Cities” DC Brau / Union Craft Brewing

I recently teamed up with the fine folks at DC Brau (Washington DC) & Union Craft Brewing (Baltimore, MD) to create the artwork for their new collaborative beer, YONDER CITIES. It was first brewed 5 years ago but with the 6th Anniversary of DC Brau this week as well as the Craft Beer Conference 2017 in DC, the decision was made to re-brew it with a suped up new can.

Each brewery has a separate design and will be releasing their own blacklight-responsive, can with invertible artwork. That’s right… BLACKLIGHT BABY!!!

The name “Yonder Cities” represents the neighboring hometowns of each brewery, Baltimore & DC and the friendship that started 5 years ago and was the impetus for the initial concept art. Each brewery was to get their own design, not only to utilize their individual lines of distribution and get the beer out as far as possible but also so the design could best represent their specific hometown.

I have always loved reversible artwork and thought it would not only be be eye-catching on a beer can but a fun challenge to create something you didn’t necessarily know had another hidden image in it until you flipped it upside to take a sip.

Concepts initially took the form of more of a “playing card” layout, eventually settling on trippy masked faces with cityscapes atop them. The can for Union would have more of a nautical theme thus the “Space Captain” was born,.. with the “Space Jester” landing on the can for DC Brau. As the concepts got trippier & trippier we decided to try and make it blacklight responsive to really made this can design stand out.

YONDER CITIES is a Farmhouse IPA – “Where tropical hops meet tripped-out, funky farmhouse esters in this incredibly delicious and drinkable”. brew. Cans are currently available at each brewery and through a few distributors in the VA-MD-DC area.

Apparently blacklights don’t work on fake teeth….

Click the photo above to read a nice write up on DC Brau’s collaboration cans this year by Brightest Young Things