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The Growlers Texas Tour poster… 2017

Supporting their new album City Club, surf-rock band The Growlers have planned an extensive Spring tour and recently reached out for me to do a print for their 5-city Texas run the end of the month. I worked with them during their previous tour last year for a NYC poster and have made it a point to make all my work for them completely different, … trying out different styles & themes.

I have always loved the imagery and crazy colorfulness of the Pulikali Tiger dancers in Southern India. Every Sept. during the Onam Harvest Festival in Kerala, hundreds of men paint up their bellies and do the “dance of the tigers”. It’s awesome. When I was in India I tried to make it to the Fest but unfortunately was in Kerala a week too early. I have always wanted to try and work this concept into a poster design and thought this run with the Growlers would be a perfect opportunity to make something super tripped out and weird.

The print is a 5-color screenprint (18′ x 24′) with a run of 100 and will be available starting Feb. 22nd on tour w/ the band. I will have a small Artist Edition run available after the last Texas date on Tuesday, Feb. 28th. There will also be a very small run of 7 super trippy “lava foil” variants available. Hot fire baby!!!

“Lava Foil” variant…


“Sour Diesel” Califari print

I was recently contacted by Califari to design a poster & packaging for one of their new strains, specifically Sour Diesel. This was a part of a poster project featuring a number of artists (Justin Hampton, Ron English, etc..) which debuted at the Emerald Cup in Dec. and Califari will be hosting a gallery event in the Bay Area at some point soon.

The art direction was pretty lax (my favorite kind) other than the fact they were looking for something that was reminiscent of old fruit box labeling which tend to be very bright & classic looking. I wanted to have a more caricature look to it and immediately thought of an old-timey lemon-head type fella riding a tractor. After a couple different iterations of mixing in the right amount of smelly, machinery & lemons we settled on the final design.

This is my first foray into doing work for the world of Cannabis. Since its legalization here in California there has been an influx of new companies looking to capitalize on it, looking for design & packaging art. Unfortunately as comes with the territory, many of them just seemed unprofessional, rather “burnout-ish”… and didn’t give the impression they would last long or frankly that you would get paid. Califari had a good message, seemed like good folk and were interested pushing some cool artistic projects. I look forward to seeing what they do in the future…

The poster is a 13′ x 19′ lithograph and I currently have a small number of Artist Prints available up in the store.


Scraped Knee 10th Anniversary / Holiday Sale….


Hello everybody. Today I am happy to announce that this year Scraped Knee turns 10 years old!!!!. That is 10 years of posters… 10 years of late nights, making coffee… 10 years of trying to get every last drop out of an ink pen…. 10 years of creating our own journey, running our own business… and most importantly, 10 years of meeting fantastic people and getting support from awesome folks like yourselves.

We will be making our Holiday Sale extra long and extra special this year to commemorate the event. For the next 10 days (Dec. 5th – Dec. 15th) everything in the store is 30% OFF. Shirts… sticker packs… prints… the works. All you have to do is add the code “10YEARS”¬†upon checkout.



Every day of the sale I will be giving away something FREE and as the days increase the prizes will be rarer & more valuable (shirts, variants, etc..).

The giveaway will take place on my Facebook page and a random question will be asked. The first to answer correctly or get closest will have their name posted the previous day. Be sure to check back daily for new giveaways & click below to Participate ….


Day 1 – A copy of the new “Scraped Knee 10 yr” shirt
Day 2 – A copy of the new “Game On” hoodie
Day 3 – Customized Sketch
Day 4 – Free Fillmore print
Day 5 – Modest Mouse (Berkeley 16′) print
Day 6 – String Cheese Incident (Oakland 16′) print
Day 7 – Widespread Panic (Washington DC 16′) poster
Day 8 – My Morning Jacket (Berkeley 12′) poster
Day 9 – MOE. (Paddy’s Day NYC 16′ – Foil) poster
Day 10String Cheese Incident (New Years 2015 – triptych) set

Thank you so much for your support over the years. It’s a gift to do this for a living and we hope to still be doing this when we are old & gray (some of us are closer than others). Cheers & Happy Holidays, amigos!!!!!!