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Bollywood prints..


One of the things i wanted to do while in India was track down some old Bollywood movie posters. In Haus Kauz Village there are 2 or 3 shops that will hook you up. These places are small but packed to the brim with posters/movie memorabilia/trinkets.  We found one in a back alley and the place was overflowing with cool stuff.  I forget the name of the store but the owner was a nice guy… knew a lot about Bollywood cinema.


More Clutter

An original mini-billboard that had the images cut n’ pasted on and was painted by hand.Flute

Rummaging through printsRummaging through prints

The Owner workin’ it to make a sale.The Owner and poster pimp himself

Piles and piles of PRINTS!!!!Posters

Posters, Posters

Posters, Posters,Posters

Classy ad for Indian cigarettes.Classy ad for Indian cigarettes.

Pretty sweet packaging for plastic rickshaw light covers (click on image for detailed pic)

No idea but rad imagery.Snake Head
Here are some individual posters I finally ended up buying after whittling my pile down over 45 on the poster for detailed pic:

APRADHI (1974)

FAULADI MUKKA (1985) (??)

FARAAR (1975)

I gotta stop spending money over here… India art making me broke


Flatstock India… kinda

        I missed Flatstock (poster show) in San Francisco last weekend, but made up for it by finding the Indian equivalent.  In the Haus Kauz area of Delhi, I came across a gallery show in which a number of people were showing their wares in the form of these really intricate West Bengali hand-painted “Patua” paintings.  Tradionally these Patua artists travel town-to-town, house-to-house, unraveling these paintings (which alot of times come as huge scrolls) as a form of storytelling entertainment.  The painting tells stories either symbolically or sequentially like a giant comic strip and are often accompanied by a song.  One woman kept breaking into a new song everytime i picked up a new print while leafing through them… which prompted me to awkwadly smile and leave quickly.

      Unfortunetly it was pretty dark in the spot so taking pictures was pretty hard but it was pretty big with like 10 artists or so.  I found a painting of 2 planes with maniacally smiling faces on the front flying toward the Twin Towers as Bush & Bin Laden talked on the phone below which someone bought before i could take a picture of it.  I did buy some paintings from this guy,.. who for the life of me i can’t remember his name.  Nice guy though.

(UPDATE found small pic of Bin Laden plane.. even though it looks like a turtle):

Sizes ranged from 9′ x 12′ – 18′ x 24′, including scrolls that were at least 12 ft. long.  Cool, but where the hell you hang that.  Prices were all over the place.. $8 – $140.  In India haggling with prices is standard,… but in the end, you gotta respect the art and time in a hand-done piece. 

(Click on piece for detailed pic.)


Shop temporarily closing… get orders in by June 4th

Hey all.. I am gonna be taking off for a couple months to do some exploring & traveling with the lady and wont be able to take any orders for a bit. Last day to put in orders for books & posters is JUNE 4th!!!

Get your orders in people…