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The Bridge Project Anthology site is up…


  Ahh, “The Bridge Project“. This was a comic anthology I completed last year that took 2 years to put together. The purpose of the book was to team up 13 artists from Portland with 13 artists from the Bay Area to work on stories together. There is a pretty strong connection between these 2 cities in regards to the comic scenes, similar social & political views and simply just way of life. This definetly lead to some interesting stories with some really talented cartoonists involved (Graham Annable, Scott Campbell, David Chelsea, Calvin Wong, John Isaacson, etc.).

       The idea was that “The Bridge Project” would continue as an anthology that would team up more cities with each volume (exp. NYC & Chi, ….Vancouver & MTL,… etc) but we’ll have to wait and see how the 1st one does. I actually had a good time doing this, meeting and working with all these cartoonists… these just end up being lengthy projects to commit to. This being the 1st one alot of these cartoonists essentially had to trust me that the book would be good and come out. Having this under my belt will help push another volume if it looks like people think its a good idea.


The book was finished about a year ago and made its way into the Diamond Previews (distributor) catalogs and will be hitting stores next month, I think. $10 bucks for a 100-pg anthology,.. not bad.

Can’t wait? You just order it from me… in the Comics section.


Check out The Bridge Project” website for more info….


Tokyo Raid poster & Spiral Bombs 7′ record

Here are 2 gigs I just wrapped up that has kept me hermitted indoors during all this beautiful SF weather.   Both are interesting local bands,…

Tokyo Raid poster (May 19th @ Red Devil Lounge)
Tokyo Raid @ Red Devil Lounge


2 New prints… Yeasayer & Sleepy Sun

Just wrapped up 2 new prints for 2 bands that put on a kickass live show.. if you have had a chance to see them, you are blessed.

Yeasayer @ the Fillmore

Sleepy Sun @ Rickshaw Stop

Both available in the POSTER section.