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Gene Ween & Blackberry Belles poster/flier…

Here is new art I threw together for the Blackberry Belles. This is not an official Gene Ween poster and will not be screenprinted so dont ask to buy it or send me hate mail that its not “official”.  It is a promotional flier that was commissioned and for online and pre-show promo use (aka digital prints hung up around town).  Show is at the Black Cat in DC. Regardless, sure to be a killer show… wish I was there.

Gene Ween / Blackberry Belles show


Store will be OPEN again on November 23rd…

Dun Dun Duuuunnn…. Hey folks… after having traveled the globe for the past 6 months, i’m back in business and the store will be open on November 23rd. Go spend some money for the holidays… it will make you feel better.


AXE McCord!!!!

I came across this old comic in a used bookstore in Atlanta in the 50 cent bin.  Trippy cover got me immediately.  It got 2 stories in it but I only really cared about one,… AXE McCORD!!!!!  Story about a space-rocker who summons the spirit of Timi Bendrix’s guitar skills to fight the evil Captain Feedback (Beethoven back from the dead & pissed off at the state of current music) and his music zombies. Its a self-published book by Ken Landgraf who went on to do work for DC, Marvel and even a comic for legendary rocker…. THOR!!!!

I didn’t post the whole thing,.. but enough to get the gist. Check it… epic dialogue.

Click the cover above to see comic