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Temple of the Dog rocks San Francisco… new poster.


When I was in high school I was a huge Pearl Jam & Soundgarden fan. At that time, the Seattle music scene was in its heyday with bands like Mudhoney, Alice in Chains, Tad, & Nirvana pumping out albums. Sub Pop Records was king and amazing loud music from this quiet part of the country was getting national exposure. As a fan, one of the best things about the scene was the family-like feel to it in which a lot of the musicians had solo or side projects incorporating members from other bands. Lots of these were for fun and not meant to go any further than 1 album which most didn’t.


Along with epic “super-groups” Mad Season & Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog was one of the more notable to form and definitely grabbed my attention as it was made up of members of Soundgarden & Pearl Jam. The band formed as a tribute to a fallen Seattle-musician, Andrew Wood (Malfunkshun, Mother Love Bone) and unfortunately only released 1 album which is currently celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary re-release this year along with a short tour. I was extremely psyched and honored to be able to do a print for this occasion and even more ecstatic to get to finally get to see them perform Live!!!


Since this tour is a bit of nostalgic journey back to the old “grunge” days of early 90’s Seattle I wanted the poster that represented that feel as well. The fashion of ragged flannels, long hair, painted nails, thrift-store everything is very recognizable as well as the Riot Grrl/zine, cut’ n paste xerox esthetic of those days. The dog may seem like too obvious a choice but it actually appears a lot in lyrics and I thought should be present.

One interesting thing is, since the band only had 1 album and probably didn’t tour too heavily, there are barely any Temple of the Dog posters out there to reference which adds a lot of pressure when creating one.


Poster mock-up

The final print is a 5-color (18′ x 24) printed by Monolith Press and I will have a small run of 40 Artist Edition Prints (signed/Numbered) available on Tuesday, November 15th @ 11AM (PST).



5 New shirt designs….



I have teamed up w/ Bumperactive to release a slew of new T-shirt designs including the “1986” & “Cosmic Wizard” designs which people have been asking about for shirts. You speak… I LISTEN!!!!!!!!!



These shirts are not available in my store but rather I have a separate store w/ BUMPERACTIVE setup for these designs…. get em’ while they are hot.



TRPS 2016… Rock Poster show in Golden Gate Park this weekend.


TRPS (The Rock Poster Society) is throwing their big annual “Festival of Rock Posters” event, this year at the Hall of Flowers / SF County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. This year has probably one of the best lineups I have seen of artists old-school & new including legends Jim Pollock & Mark Arminiski who are coming from the East Coast. I will be in the mix showcasing some new & rare posters. This one is not to be missed.


The show is from 10am – 6pm and is FREE to the public…

(Top, L – R) Norman Orr, George Hunter, Lee Conklin, Randy Tuten, Victor Moscoso, David Byrd, Bill Ham, Pat Ryan, Emek, Adam Pobiak, Gary Houston, Wes Wilson
(Mid, L – R) Jim Pollock, Gregg Gordon, Carolyn Ferris, Steve Walters, Mari Tepper, Frank Alan Bella, Mike Dubois, Matt Leunig, Eva Wilson
(Bottom, L – R) John Seasbury, Chuck Sperry, Mark Arminski, Justin McNeal

Crazy to be included in this group of legendary folks. Photo by Jamie Soja