Bob Weir & Bruce Hornsby @ The Fox Theater…. BAAAMM!!!

I’ve been busy working on some new projects this week when I got asked to do a print for the “Bob Weir & Bruce Hornsby” 2-night show at the Fox Theater in Oakland, part of their Alone & Together tour. It was a pretty crazy turnaround time to finish it in but I happily excepted it… I mean, come on… it’s the Dead. How do you turn that stuff away?

Anyways, I was lucky that my buddy Mauz and Monolith Press in Alameda was available and helped me print these up. Due to the timing these are not signed & numbered.. so Boo Hoo all you collectors.

The piece started off a little different w/ a terrapin, and the bear was to be just was regular California Brown bear, no instruments kinda just sitting there chillin’.

Would I have changed or added anything if I had the time? Yeh probably… but I was happy to see I could crank something out that didn’t feel rushed or like I was taking shortcuts. I tend to overthink stuff and waste a lot of time so this was nice to just push through all that and work on first instinct.

Update – ┬áThis is now available in the store

6 Comments on “Bob Weir & Bruce Hornsby @ The Fox Theater…. BAAAMM!!!

  1.  by  Tucker

    Hi Matt

    I would like to order 2 of the Bob & Bruce posters. How do I go about doing that


    • admin
       by  admin

      Hey Tucker…

      These are not for sale yet. I should receive my copies this week. Check back end of the week. Thanks. – Matt

  2.  by  Tucker

    Hi Mzatt

    Just wanted to see if you have the Bruce & Bob posters available yet


  3. admin
     by  admin

    Should be recieving them on Tues. Notification about the sale will be up on the front page (and will notify on my twitter/facebook) page as soon as they come in. Thanks.

  4.  by  todd

    are the bobby posters numbered/signed. please call me 917 589 1377

    • admin
       by  admin

      Hey Todd. Mentioned in this post, is that these are not signed or numbered due to the fact this was a rush gig and a printer on the other side of the country had to be used, closer to the gig. All my copies have “AP” on them, for “Artist Print”.

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