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The Coloring Nook is a space to display the color creations of the tiniest artists & gigposter fans. A place in which little kiddies can show off their own poster variants.

We at Scraped Knee have been creating gigposters for years and along the way have met a number of interesting people (poster nerds, collectors, music freaks, art enthusiasts, etc.) many of whom have families. Last year with the release of a string of new posters we decided to print a number of extra black & white (B&W) versions that we thought would be cool to give out to buyers with children. It would be something that would allow parents & kids to share in a common interest and let the creativity juices start to flow.

The goal of this project is not to a contest of any kind, but rather the opposite, a chance to see the a vast array of different kaleidoscopic creations based off of the same image. A way to help feed youthful self expression with some kickass rocking results.

We will not create B&W’s for every poster, but will continue to add new B&W’s in the future, announcing new releases ahead of time. We hope to see the gallery grow over time with fresh young faces and beautiful art!

Rules copy


I know everyone wants all of the Widespread Panic variants for their collection or to see how much a String Cheese Incident B&W can get on eBay but that is not what this is about.

  • 1.) Those requesting must be requesting for a child whether this be a son/daughter/niece/nephew or friend’s child. We am not strict on age but if you are asking for a print for your 32 yr. old child it might be questionable.
  • 2.) Pictures of the print must be sent. There usually is an extremely limited amount of B&W’s and we would like them to go into the hands of those who really want them. Those who do not submit an image will no longer be eligible for future B&W’s.
  • 3.) We try not to have a strict time limit to submit as we know people have busy lives and kids can sometimes be impatient but we request that something be submitted within 2 months of receiving it.
  • 4.) Anyone found selling B&W’s will no longer be eligible for future B&W’s.

We really don’t like to have so many rules on something that is meant to be fun but unfortunately there are some people out there that tend to spoil it for everyone else. That being said,…


Widespread Panic - VA 2012 & BW

HowDo copy

We try to create a small run of B&W’s (Black & Whites) for every gigposter that we create but unfortunately not all of them. Sometimes prints just don’t translate well into B&W’s and other times the bands/management handle their own printing and no variants are allowed.

When posters are first released B&W’s are available to those that buy a full price version of the poster in question and request a B&W either via email or in the comments section of their purchase order. A B&W will be sent along with their order free of charge as long as they follow the RULES of The Coloring Nook.

Once a poster has been out for a couple weeks we will add the remaining B&W’s to the Scraped Knee store in which they will be available for $15 + (Shipping & Handling).

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