DC BRAU 5th Anniversary Throwdown & Poster!!!


The big DC Brau Brewery 5th Anniversary concert was this weekend and my liver & ears are still recovering. The event featured 5 kickass metal bands and the introduced 5 new collab beers with breweries from around the country. I have been working w/ the folk at the Brau for a couple years and was happy to get invited to the promotion/branding for this show. The Hop Shaman artwork created was originally created for an admat/advertisement used to promote a couple months ago. For more on the actual story behind the artwork, check out my previous post…. here.

For more on the event… check out this nice little post-party rundown.




james_salusky(Photo by James Salusky)

The artwork was adapted for a bunch of other cool shwag including Staff & Merch shirts, hats, badges, etc. It is always a surreal and amazing feeling to walk into a place and see your artwork everywhere. For those of you interested in getting a hold of a shirt/hat I believe the Brewery will be adding some to their STORE very soon, so keep checking.






For the screenprinted poster I adapted the imagery & text a bit and simplified the original admat colors to fit a 6-color screeprint,… which wasn’t easy. In the end the prints (24″ x 18″) were printed by the folks at Half & Half and came out beautiful. There was a small print run of 50 that SOLD OUT at the event & I will be selling a small Artist Edition (Signed/Numbered) run of about 20 on (Mon) April 25th @ 11AM (PST), as well as 2 or 3 Foils in stock.


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