DC Brau mural #2… The Return of more hairy bearded things.

The local badasses of brewing, DC Brau, had me in a week or so ago to throw up a new mural inside the brewery. It took me a couple hours over 2 days and I wrapped it up during their weekly Saturday tour & tasting. If the design looks familiar it is because I had initially created for a beer growler design and DC Brau t-shirt.

I’m just starting to enjoy and get the hang of doing things on such a large scale and want to do more murals down the line. I treat it almost like screenprinting,.. doing each flat color at a time, a lot of times w/ a pre-made stencil. I suck at aerosol so next step is to teach my self to be less anal and go w/ the flow more. Who cares if I screw up.

Talking w/ DC Brau, I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing a new piece in the next couple months.

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