Ernie Ball ads,… Guitar Wizards & Masters

After years of postponing I recently bought a guitar and have been trying to learn to play. Doing art all day (and many times at night) requires a necessary secondary outlet to avoid going mental and music fills that slot perfectly. I have had many friends in bands and remember hanging out in their studio/rooms/gigs and seeing the same very recognizable guitar string packets lying around. I never knew what it was but remembered the packaging which ended up being Ernie Ball strings. As luck would have it I was contacted by them a couple months back to work on a couple projects for them.

Ernie Ball has been the top guitar string company out there for decades and have jumped into the market of releasing their own guitars as well. I have a couple things in the can with them but wanted to share a pair of ads that unfortunately got nixed at the last second.

They were big fans of an old My Morning Jacket poster I did and the old Topps baseball card style and wanted to try a few ads with some of their sponsored guitarists (Kirk Hammett, Steve Vai, Slash, John Pertucci, etc..). The ads were finished but eventually got pulled…

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