Furthur shirt, Summer Tour 2012… tie-dye

Another year, another Furthur shirt. I knew eventually I would be able to get a tie-dye Dead shirt under my belt and this summer I did. The weary travelling Dead bear snoozing under a canopy of grinning trees. This shirt was sold during the tour which encompassed most of the East Coast & South.

I do have a couple shirt with limited sizes which I will get up on the site soon. If you have any interest before I do, feel free to contact me.

10 Comments on “Furthur shirt, Summer Tour 2012… tie-dye

  1.  by  Brett

    i would like to buy one of your tye dye furthur shirts from the summer of 2012 do you have a size in medium?


  2.  by  Steven

    Do you have a Furthur Summer Tour 2012 tie-dye shirt in XL that you are interested in selling?

  3.  by  Jane

    I’m looking for the Futhur fall tour shirt, specifically Red Rocks..Sept 2012. Had bought some there and left them in hotel!


  4.  by  Chris

    Hey man, if you have a L id be interested. I know its like a year since this went down so i understand if you dont even reply to me 😛

  5.  by  shay

    Hi Chris. I was at thtwo of those shows, and never managed to get my hands on one of your beautiful shirts. Any way you would happen to still have a M, perhaps even a L?

  6. admin
     by  admin

    Hey Shay,..

    No Chris here. This be a Matt Leunig website. I have 1 shirt left. A “L”…. if you are interested shoot me an email… art@scrapedknee.com

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