I likez Soundgarden.

I recently had the pleasure of working with with one of my favorite band growing up, Soundgarden, on a print for the first night of their tour. That’s right,.. I like Soundgarden… screw you. I went for a job interview once at Rasputin Records in Berkeley over 10 years ago and they asked me what some of my favorite bands were and I mentioned Soundgarden in there… and the girl scoffed at me. “Uhhh Soundgarden??” I didn’t get the job. All for the best,.. that place blows.

Anyways enough of my own insecurities. The first stop of the tour was DAR Constitution Hall, Washington DC and the show was rad. I believe the poster sold out at the show.

Here is an early concept sketch. It was a lot more rural… and straight forward. I decided to go w/ more of apocalyptic DC scene and trip it out
It is a 5-color print, with a run of 200… all signed & numbered. My copies are currently AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!

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