Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration Tour poster..

Growing up I was always a Deadhead with varying degrees of intensity. I was introduced to it by an older sister and kind of always had the music on in the background it seems. After college I moved to the Haight in 2001 wide-eyed and excited to live where it all started. I was sadly disappointed when I got there but the vibe of the Dead and that whole scene still is felt through out the Bay Area. Since then I have worked with most of the members of the Dead individually and recently was asked to create the tour poster for the Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration w/ Warren Haynes for their short August tour. As luck would have it, today the start of the tour is Garcia’s B-day so I’m sure its gonna be apeshit in Berkeley.

Like before, during this tour Warren Haynes will be playing Garcia’s “Wolf” guitar thus the theme of this and past posters.

The poster is 18′ x 24′, 5-color and had a print run of 500 and is now available on tour. I will have 50 Artist Prints available Monday, Aug. 4 @ Noon (PST).

UPDATE – Posters will be available on Monday, August 18th @ Noon (PST).

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