LOS PIXIES…. San Jose print.

Wow. What a dream gig. Another rad band on my bucket list I can check off. Its been a while since I’ve done something w/ promoter Nederlander Concerts but they contacted me about doing a special print for the Pixies San Jose tour stop this weekend. I went through a big Pixies phase 1 year in college and saw they a slew of times during their last reunion tour 5 or so years ago. It will be interesting to see how they do w/ new band members and the 1st new set of songs in 20 years.

I threw together a slew of concepts for the promoter including a couple that involved sharks. The 1st, rather straight forward featuring a shark kind of in a blood crazed state breaking up schools of fish. The other a similar concept but the blood actually creates a kind of womenly “water spirit” that is dancing/coaxing the shark. They problem w/ this one is that it ended up using a lot of red on one side of the piece drowning out and pulling the attention away from the actual shark. The simpler concept was better. Its a little less “trippy” than I usually do but I like mixing things up every now and then.

The original plan was to print the “blood red” as the last layer and somewhat transparent so that you saw all the art and line work underneath it. The problem with this was due to the dark colors underneath the red would have become muddy and dulled down. The contrast and “pop” of the blood red would have been lost, so it ended up being a solid color and all the artwork underneath it knocked out.

The print is a 4-color print, 18’x 24′ with an extremely limited print run of 50. My AP/Signed copies are now available in the POSTER section as well as a small run of “toxic” variants that includes a bright fluorescent green instead of the blood red. There are only 12 of them and they came out looking really sweet. Copies are now available in the POSTER section

The “Toxic variants” are NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!

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