“Masters of the Universe” art print..

This weekend is the opening of a new gallery show, Toy Stories, at Galerie F in Chicago. A couple artists were asked to create a piece based off a memory or a rendition of their favorite childhood toys or games. My holy triad was the Ninja Turtles, GI Joe & He-Man. I ran through a slew of ideas based off all 3 but figured I would try to focus and put my energy on just 1, so I chose my man, He-Man.
The idea was to make him a little more of a badass barbarian than his Little Lord Fauntleroy look he rocked I remember from the cartoons.

The show opens this Friday, Feb. 28th in Chicago and runs until March 25th. Other artists in the show include Print Mafia, Cricket Press, Delicious Design, John Howard, Blunt Graffix, etc.. The piece is a 4-color 12′ x 18′ print w/ a small print run of 60 and is now available at on theĀ Galerie F’s website and will be available on my website starting March 24th.

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