Mickey Hart Band… SuperOrganism Tour

I got contacted a while back to create the tour admat for the upcoming Mickey Hart Band tour, supporting his new album “SuperOrganism. With this album, it seems that Mickey took a lot of inspiration from the internal rhythm the body and more specifically mind creates. At a lab, he measured the activity his brain makes while playing certain rhythms and created visual displays of them which were also translated into sounds to be used on the album. Crazy stuff.

The idea for the concept was to incorporate not just this idea of brain rhythm but actually incorporate one of the images of his brain scans.

The first round of ideas were more like something you would see sitting on a psychologist desk. The exposed brain in a bed of roses. We decided to go in the direction of the skull but wanted to push it in a more cosmic direction to emphasis the spaciness of his music as well harken back to some of the imagery of his past albums.

After some back and forth we decided to go a bit more traditional and make it the ol’ Grateful Dead skull logo. This way the brain scan will be fully seen and there would be no mistake with the type of show you are going to as admats are meant to be more straight to the point.

After completing this job, I realized that individually I have worked with almost every member of the Grateful Dead….. Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Bruce Hornsby & Phil Lesh (which unfortunately the work never saw the light of day). This also includes numerous Furthur gigs.

Definitely a check off on my bucket list

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