Modest Mouse / Brand New poster for UC Berkeley Greek Theatre


Modest Mouse is a band I remember listening to a lot when I was in college and afterwards when I moved to San Francisco they were at the height of their popularity, they were everywhere, then they just disappeared.

After a hiatus of 8 or so years they are back on tour with a new album touring with NYC’s Brand New and played the Berkeley Greek this past weekend. I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to work with the promoter to do a poster for this show and will be releasing a small run of Artist Prints today.


The idea was to do a tripped out Spirit Animal emphasizing the Oregon roots of the band (Modest Mouse)….. Woods, nature, greenery, deers, hoodies.. the works. I love working face paint into characters mainly an aesthetic choice and gives things a bit of a mystic feel to them but in the end it seemed to muddy up the already busy character. So that element was dropped from the final version.



This 6-color print is 18′ x 24 with a print run of 400 and I will have a small run of 40 Artist Prints (signed/AP) available on Monday, August 1st @ 11AM (PST).

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