Moonalice poster,… Applegate, OR.

I recently wrapped up my first poster for the Bay Area band, Moonalice for their show this week up in Applegate, OR. The band has a long history here in the Bay Area and is big proponent of the revival and continuation of the classic 60’s poster art scene. A while back they decided to create posters for each of their shows and have now amassed quite the poster collection (950+ posters) featuring a number of the all-time greats (Stanley Mouse, Wes Wilson, Lee Conklin, David Singer, Gary Houston, Chuck Sperry, etc..).

I wanted my print to represent the colors and feel of a warm Summery day in Southern Oregon with lots of green-tones and yellows. The central figure is my take on a kind of Cosmic nature goddess and of course I had to rep my redhead peoples. The band was very easy to work with and I’m thrilled to be a part of the series.

The print is a lithograph (12.75′ x 17.25′) and was handed out to folks at the show. I will have an Artist print run (signed/Numbered) available starting June 21st.

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