New “1986” multi-game remix…

I received a nice new gif remix of my “1986” piece today which features a slew of old school games. This one is from imgur. Keep the remixes coming……

To see all the collected remixes thus far… check it out here.

For those interested in getting a copy of the screenprint, there are still copies left of the original “1986” print as well as the “Zelda variant“.

2 Comments on “New “1986” multi-game remix…

  1.  by  Ted Leger

    That was interesting. i liked all those old games back then. It would actually take sometimes a year or so to beat those games. Today they are 60 bucks and beaten in 3 days.

  2.  by  CalmHub

    I was thinking the same thing about the games of today! My son gets a 60 dollar game and in 3 days he is ready for a new one! The video games like Super Mario Bros. Took a few months to beat, and that was playing it alot. And Legend of Zelda one and two, those took forever as well!

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