NEW Scraped Knee website & SALE!!!!!!!


Welcome to the new & improved website. It got a major overhaul…fat was trimmed and an overall facelife occured. A little botox here,.. some prodding there. It took a while and with the help of awesome codemaster Owen Grace the site looks great and is easier to use. There is a sweet new search engine for poster and a brand new store.

That being said to celebrate this new site/store I am having an “Uber, Shut-the-Door, Your Father called, Time to Take it Home SALE!!!!!!” which will last for 1 week starting MARCH 11th (WEDS.). & ends on MARCH 15th (SUN). All items in the store will be 15% off. So go big while they last….

One Comment on “NEW Scraped Knee website & SALE!!!!!!!

  1.  by  Owen

    Aww shucks, buddy ol’ fren. Very glad that you dig on the new site – you designed it, so you should dig it, right? I just helped ya make it werk is all. If anyone finds any bugs or nasty shenanigans with it, let us know!

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