“Poster Child” coffee table book… by Widespread Panic

The fine folks at Widespread Panic just released an epic book of archival posters right in time for the holidays. Poster Child collects pretty much ALL of their show posters from their long 25+ year career, from early fliers to current day epic screenprints featuring all the great Panic artists like Chuck Sperry, Emek, Jeff Wood & Marc Spusta. Widespread has been a band I have had the privilege to work with since the beginning of my career, creating 7 or so posters for over a 7+ year span, all of which appear in the book. It is a heavy coffee table style book and an epic undertaking worthy for any poster or Panic fan.

The run of the book is pretty limited and can be purchased straight from the Widespread’s website.

For more on the making of the book check out this article from Collector’s Weekly.

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