Primus – “Rainbow Goblins” (Akron OH) poster, 2017

PRIMUS is back around for their Fall Tour and I got the call from Zoltron to do another print. This time in Akron, OH. . It was awesome to be a part of their last Tour Poster series which had a number of awesome artists involved and was psyched to be asked back.

The theme for the current tour as well as the new album, is “Rainbow Goblins” based off of an old kids book from the 70’s by Ul de Rico. In it a bunch of multi-colored goblins travel the lands capturing and stealing the color from rainbows. I don’t remember the book as a kid but the imagery and artwork is really amazing and leaves a lot open to interpretation.

A lot of my early concepts were almost direct replications of scenes from the book and it just wasnt working. Everything was too literal… so I decided to give my take on what I thought the aftermath of the story would look like (SPOILER ALERT)…. Nature wins in the end.

The poster has a print run of 200 (signed/numbered) which will initially be available at the show & I will have about 50 copies (#1-50) from the run available on Nov. 3rd @ 11am (PST).

To add to the pot, I will be releasing a super small Artist Edition run of 4 different foil variants:

“Rainbow” foil variant – Print run of 15

“Oil Slick” foil variant – Print run of 12

“Pyramid” foil variant – Print run of 12

“Rapture” foil variant – Print run of 12

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