String Cheese Incident “Cosmic Shaman” Oakland print…

Another day,.. another poster. The Fox Theater in Oakland has just been chalk full of good bands rolling through this past couple months which is great because it just down the street. Boulder-based cosmic voyagers, The String Cheese Incident stopped into town for a 3-day run this weekend and reached out for me to do a special print. Last time I worked with them for the their 20th Anniversary New Years print they were fun to work with and people seemed to enjoy the print so I was looking forward to another collaboration.

The concept for this one was a kind of Cosmic Shaman as their music, especially the electric stuff, gets really zoney & spacey. Lots of lights and colors during their stage performances. Not much differed from the actual concept sketch which is pretty rare.

Printing was done by Ray & folk over at Good Thoughts with a nice gold border and popping fluorescent inks and came out to be 6-colors… 18’x 24.. The print run was 375 and I will be selling 45 copies signed/numbered.

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  1.  by  Richard Echeandia

    Matt – just got my copy of the Cosmic Shaman delivered by USPS and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for packing it so well.. The poster is flawless, it has that lovely ‘new ink’ smell and love the fact that you signed it.

    I’m not sure why by this art appeals to me as much as it does… My interpretation is it’s explicit about layers within layers but then the jellyfish and number of eyes though out the print really appeal to me and strongly tie back to the cheese experience in concert.

    I’m off to have it framed and find it a place of honor in the den.

    Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend from all of us out here – thank you for your work.

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