The String Cheese Incident returns to Oakland – 2016


The String Cheese Incident are back in town for a 2-day run at the Oakland Fox Theater and with that comes a new print. I’ve enjoyed working with these guys over the years on random gigs here and there but the ability to work on shows in my own town is always a special one. I get a chance to go big and represent the ol’ neighborhood.


The concept for this was an attempt to make a kind of California Spirit Animal, a bear w/ an Oakland headdress filled with elements & iconic imagery of the area (Grand Lake Theater, Fox Theater, Port loaders, etc..). Originally it was going to be a pretty lady w/ a bear headdress w/ an Oakland headdress but that was a bit much.

Props to Good Thoughts for the great print job. The final poster is a 5-color with a print run of 300. I will be selling a small Signed/Numbered run on (Mon) March 14th @ 11AM (PST).



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