String Cheese Incident uncuts & lithos available … 11/22

I received a box of uncut prints of the String Cheese Incident NYE triptych that will be going up in the store tomorrow, Weds. Jan. 22 @ Noon (PST). They are big, a total of 36′ x 24′, and unfortunately they will go fast.

Along with this I have a nice lithograph print of the full triptych that was a special addition and given to all the VIP’s at the show those nights. There was a total print run of 400 of these but once gain I unfortunately only have a few to sell. Because it is a lithograph the colors aren’t as bright as the screenprints but it is better for a cheaper option and one that encompasses the whole image at a smaller size (24′ x 18′).

For those with children,… I received a number of B&W’s of the SCI print. For those interested in a B&W for their children to color please just request it upon ordering. They will be a randomly chosen B&W of a single night print. All I request is that after completing the coloring you just send a picture for the COLORING NOOK. Please take a look at the link before requesting to make sure you know the rules.

Both the Uncut & the Lithos will be available on the site tomorrow, Weds. January 22nd @ Noon (PST)

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