5 New shirt designs….

I have teamed up w/ Bumperactive to release a slew of new T-shirt designs including the “1986” & “Cosmic Wizard” designs which people have been asking about for shirts. You speak… I LISTEN!!!!!!!!! These shirts are not available in my store but rather I have a separate store w/ BUMPERACTIVE setup for these designs…. get […]


New “1986” multi-game remix…

I received a nice new gif remix of my “1986” piece today which features a slew of old school games. This one is from imgur. Keep the remixes coming…… To see all the collected remixes thus far… check it out here. For those interested in getting a copy of the screenprint, there are still copies […]


Favorite “1986” remix, “Braid Kid”

After I released my “1986” print it started to pop up all over the place. It blew up on Reddit, appeared on blogs and art mags everywhere and soon people started sending me their own remixed versions of it. A number of them were awesome GIF interpretations animated with different games. One of my favorites […]


“1986” remixes… thus far.

I looove all the “1986” remixes people have been sending my way. Here are the ones I have seen thus far. Totally rad. I will have to add a separate page for all these once I finish with the new site. Keep em coming… send links or gifs to Scraped Knee From Fernando Alfonso (Daily […]


“1986” print is back….. 2nd printing. On sale… THIS WEEKEND!!!!

Ho Ho Ho…. alright Christmas is over. I had tried to get a reprint together of the original Mario-“1986” print to be available for the holidays but due to some complications it slipped past Christmas. Due to the unexpected popularity of the piece the original print run was really small so I decided to do […]


“1986 – Zelda variant” print now available….

Quick update…. The “1986 – Zelda variant” is now available for sale in the posters section.


1986, Zelda variant…..

After a number of requests, I just released a new run of “1986” prints but as Zelda variants. The first one did really well and figured I’d give you Link-lovers a go at it. The colors are a bit different than the original Mario piece, allowing to see some more detail in the toys in […]


“1986” pops up on Reddit…

I was alerted today that the 1986 print made the front page of Reddit today. Rad!!!! It already spawned a GIF as well, sent to me by Fern at Daily Dot A random flood of interest is always good. I dared looking at some of the comments posted and was amused to see to see […]


“1986” print now available…

The “1986” print is now available in the “Posters” section. 100 were printed… 50 for the Gallery and I will be selling 50 (Signed/AP), so jump on these quick as they will sell out. 18′ x 24′, 6-color……. $50


“In the Garage: Art Celebrating Geek Culture”…. 1986 print

This coming Friday is the art opening for the new Blank Space Gallery show entitled, “In the Garage: Art Celebrating Geek Culture“ in Milford, CT. As you might recall I participated in their 1st show a couple months back, “Every Mistake: the Art of the Beatles” and it went well. ¬†For this show, artists were […]