Moe.Down XVI poster…

This past weekend was MOE.’s big Moe.Down XVI Music Festival show in Turin, NY and I had the privilege of being asked to do a print for the event. I have worked with MOE. in the past on numerous posters including one for their Snoe.Down Music Fest & Summer Camp Music Fest but never the […]


Moe.Down XVI – Turin, NY – 2017

MOE.DOWN XVI Snow Ridge – Turin, NY June 30th – July 2, 2017 screenprint 18′ x 24′


Flatstock 56 at Bumbershoot (Seattle) this weekend.

Scraped Knee will be taking the show on the road and is headed up to Seattle, WA this weekend for the big Flatstock Poster show that takes place during Bumbershoot Music Festival. This is my first trip to Seattle in almost 15+ years so I’m sure a thing or has changed. The lineup of artists […]


Village Voice “BINGO” cover

A couple months ago I worked with the Village Voice to create branding for their 4Knots Music Festival. The Festival is this weekend and to help celebrate it I created a BINGO themed cover for this weeks paper (July 8th, 2015) filled with hipster goodness to keep an eye out for. Included in this weeks […]


Village Voice cover & 4Knots Festival – illustration / branding – 2015

Village Voice cover for July 8th, 2015 including an insert for the 4Knots Music Festival. The cover concept is a music festival BINGO card. This gig also included creating all the promo & branding artwork for the Festival, including street sheets & adverts in previous Village Voice issues.


Village Voice’s 4Knots Music Festival 2015

More and more festivals seem to be popping up every year. Some die off… new ones arise… they can never be killed. I was approached by the Village Voice to do some branding/artwork for their somewhat new but annual event, the 4KNOTS MUSIC FESTIVAL in NYC. Every year it was down at the South Seaport […]


Absolut Vodka – Mural/Live Painting, – 2012

Hired by Absolut Vodka to paint 2 4ft. Absolut bottles during the extremely rainy & dirty 2012 Catalpa Music Festival on Governors Island, NYC. Bottles on display at the Absolut NYC office. For more on the Catalpa Music Fest & more mural pics check my blog post…


Wakarusa Music Festival 2014

Waka, waka, waka!!!! Festival season is upon us and to celebrate I worked with the ever expanding Wakarusa Music Festival again this year to do a commemorative print. I did a poster for them back in 2012, which was an adventure and was happy to get some new trippy lady concepts from my head out […]


Summer Camp Music Festival – Chillicothe, IL – 2013

Summer Camp Music Festival 2013 Chillicothe, IL May 24-26, 2013 5-color screenprint, 18′ x 24′ Signed / AP Original – SOLD OUT Gold variant – $50


Snoe. Down Music Festival – T-shirts, – 2013

Snoe. Down Music Festival T-shirt, 2013.