“Bananas”, Woody Allen art print..

It has been a while since this print as completed but it is finally up in the store. The print was originally for a Woody Allen themed gallery show in LA, with Gallery1988. By far my favorite Woody Allen flick… watch it if you haven’t seen it, then buy my print… it will make more […]


Erykah Badu birthday bash prints, The Fillmore Silver Spring

This weekend was Erykah Badu’s birthday and to celebrate she did a 2-night stint at the Fillmore Silver Spring. For each night Badu covered one of her albums in it’s entirety,… Feb 28 – “Baduizm” March 1 – “Mama’s Gun” I was asked to do a commemorative print for each night that Voltron’d together to […]


2 new Eric Church prints… Canada Tour 2013!!!!

Hey hosers, the Eric Church train has come around again and this time it’s going to Canada. 2 new prints, for the latest tour….. Lethbridge, SK & Regina, AB which are both going down this weekend. These make the 3rd tour & 6th poster I’ve done for Church and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the […]


Zac Brown Band Springfield, MO print…

I was recently contacted by the Zac Brown Band to do a print for their current,… the Springfield, MS stop. I was a little unfamiliar w/ the band but know they have a pretty huge following and got a kick out of their music video “The Wind” done by Mike Judge. Anywhoo… I was happy […]


DC Brau “Keep it Honest” Lincoln shirt…

Just in time for President’s Day, a new “Keep it Honest” DC Brau shirt will be available tomorrow (Sat. Feb. 16) at the brewery’s free tour n’ tasting. It’s a slick 3-color shirt… Hard Drinkin’ Lincoln!!!! FRONT BACK


Gallery 1988’s “The Humorist” Woody Allen – tribute show..

Tonight is the opening of Gallery 1988‘s Woody Allen tribute show entitled, The Humorist in Venice Beach which will feature a piece I created entitled “Bananas“. There were so many good Woody Allen flicks to choose from…. Sleepers, Annie Hall, Everything you Wanted to know about Sex, etc… but Bananas is my favorite. It’s an […]


“1986” print is back….. 2nd printing. On sale… THIS WEEKEND!!!!

Ho Ho Ho…. alright Christmas is over. I had tried to get a reprint together of the original Mario-“1986” print to be available for the holidays but due to some complications it slipped past Christmas. Due to the unexpected popularity of the piece the original print run was really small so I decided to do […]


“1986 – Zelda variant” print now available….

Quick update…. The “1986 – Zelda variant” is now available for sale in the posters section.


Inside the Rock Poster Frame free giveaway, … “Beatles” print. Black Friday (today) only!!!!!!!

Inside the Rock Poster Frame is doing one of their big free giveaways today for Black Friziday!!!! On the menu is my “Within You, Without You” Beatles-themed print done last year. It’s a 6-color goodie and free is never bad. Go test your luck.….


1986, Zelda variant…..

After a number of requests, I just released a new run of “1986” prints but as Zelda variants. The first one did really well and figured I’d give you Link-lovers a go at it. The colors are a bit different than the original Mario piece, allowing to see some more detail in the toys in […]