5 New shirt designs….

I have teamed up w/ Bumperactive to release a slew of new T-shirt designs including the “1986” & “Cosmic Wizard” designs which people have been asking about for shirts. You speak… I LISTEN!!!!!!!!! These shirts are not available in my store but rather I have a separate store w/ BUMPERACTIVE setup for these designs…. get […]


Little Hurricane shirt…

I was approached the other week to create a new shirt for LA-music duo, Little Hurricane who were just starting up a new tour to promote their new album, Gold Fever. The band has a bit of a White Stripey vibe to them and really pull a lot off with just 2 people. The idea […]


Snoe.Down 2013 shirt now available on MOE. website…

Moe. just added long & short sleeve SNOE.DOWN 2013 shirts of my design to their store. I’m guessing they look fantastic in person,… probably the prettiest thing you would ever own. Be the gem on your block…. Snag em here!!!!!!!!


Jerry Garcia shirt, “Painted Mandolin”…

I recently had the honor of being asked to do some merch work for the Jerry Garcia¬†Estate. They were looking to fill out and revitalize their merch line and contacted myself and a couple other artists with the idea of using Jerry’s songs and lyrics to create new art. I luckily was given the task […]


Moe. shirts, Summer Tour 2012

Some more shirts for ya’… or should I say, some Moe. shirts for ya. Ehhhh? New guys and girls tees for the band for their Summer 2012 Tour. Unfortunately, I believe a number of the tour dates were cancelled so sales on these were cut short. Maybe they will pop up on the bands website […]


Furthur shirt, Summer Tour 2012… tie-dye

Another year, another Furthur shirt. I knew eventually I would be able to get a tie-dye Dead shirt under my belt and this summer I did. The weary travelling Dead bear snoozing under a canopy of grinning trees. This shirt was sold during the tour which encompassed most of the East Coast & South. I […]


Defunct Ween T-shirt design….

If you haven’t heard, the band Ween is no more. The details are muddled and I still hold onto a glimmer of hope but it’s a bummer for sure. They have been one of my favorite bands since high school and I was super psyched to have them as a band/client I had a good […]