Temple of the Dog rocks San Francisco… new poster.


When I was in high school I was a huge Pearl Jam & Soundgarden fan. At that time, the Seattle music scene was in its heyday with bands like Mudhoney, Alice in Chains, Tad, & Nirvana pumping out albums. Sub Pop Records was king and amazing loud music from this quiet part of the country was getting national exposure. As a fan, one of the best things about the scene was the family-like feel to it in which a lot of the musicians had solo or side projects incorporating members from other bands. Lots of these were for fun and not meant to go any further than 1 album which most didn’t.


Along with epic “super-groups” Mad Season & Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog was one of the more notable to form and definitely grabbed my attention as it was made up of members of Soundgarden & Pearl Jam. The band formed as a tribute to a fallen Seattle-musician, Andrew Wood (Malfunkshun, Mother Love Bone) and unfortunately only released 1 album which is currently celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary re-release this year along with a short tour. I was extremely psyched and honored to be able to do a print for this occasion and even more ecstatic to get to finally get to see them perform Live!!!


Since this tour is a bit of nostalgic journey back to the old “grunge” days of early 90’s Seattle I wanted the poster that represented that feel as well. The fashion of ragged flannels, long hair, painted nails, thrift-store everything is very recognizable as well as the Riot Grrl/zine, cut’ n paste xerox esthetic of those days. The dog may seem like too obvious a choice but it actually appears a lot in lyrics and I thought should be present.

One interesting thing is, since the band only had 1 album and probably didn’t tour too heavily, there are barely any Temple of the Dog posters out there to reference which adds a lot of pressure when creating one.


Poster mock-up

The final print is a 5-color (18′ x 24) printed by Monolith Press and I will have a small run of 40 Artist Edition Prints (signed/Numbered) available on Tuesday, November 15th @ 11AM (PST).


2 Comments on “Temple of the Dog rocks San Francisco… new poster.

  1.  by  Carlton Staples

    Great poster, it isnt a show poster though? Is it in any affiliation with the band? I really dont care bc i like the poster im going to buy one regardless but i was curious as to how much???

    • Scraped Knee
       by  Scraped Knee

      The band had their own which was present at the Merch booth. This poster was commissioned by the promoter/venue which they do for Sold Out shows and was more of a backstage poster given to the band, those who worked the show, sometimes VIP and honestly who know where else it ended up.

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