The Growlers NYC/Brooklyn poster…


Years ago I randomly caught The Growlers at a small club in the Bay Area and have followed them ever since. Their psych surf-rock sound lends itself well to late nights drawing in the studio. I had always wanted to work w/ them so was pleasantly surprised when they contacted me a couple weeks ago to do a couple posters for their tour. Timing only permitted one so far for their 2-day stop in New York (New York City & Brooklyn) but maybe we’ll get to do another down the line.


I immediately knew I wanted to do something grimey and have been starting to do more surf-related art so the concept came to me easily & fit perfectly. Growing up I was huge fans of the work of R. Crumb & Basil Wolverton and was involved in the indie comic scene for a while before doing posters. My early work tended to reflect this and was a lot more cartoony than it is now. For this poster I wanted to dust off the old style and give it a try.






The final print is a 4-color split fountain (18′ x 24) printed by the fine folks at Ruby Sue, with a print run of 100 done for the bands 2-night run and I will have a small run of 30 Artist Prints (signed/AP) available on Monday, October 5th @ 11AM (PST).


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