The Growlers, San Francisco poster & variants..

The Growlers are rolling through San Francisco (The Warfield) this week and I accepted the task of recording this moment in history via a kickass poster. This is the 3rd poster I have done for their current tour and happy that to do so for a local show. I have enjoyed my run of prints with these guys and have tried to make them trippier and trippier each time.

I went through a slew of ideas & concepts for this poster. Since it was in San Francisco and people can’t have a conversation without “tech” being involved around here my initial exploration of ideas dealt w/ cyborgs and the infiltration technology mashing up w/ people. Things had a very “Shadow Run” feel to it, but I decided against this direction as I didn’t want to add any more to this already beaten-to-death conversation.

The Growlers have always had a sloggy surf-rock sound to them that feels like a soundtrack to a trippy lagoon and what better character to have front and center then something reminiscent of The Creature from the Black Lagoon. I always thought he was such a badass cool looking character and had hoped to someday work it in to a poster.

This print is a 5-color screenprint (18′ x 24′) with a run of 90 for the band, and I will have available a small Artist Edition of 35 prints (signed/numbered) starting April. 3rd @ 11am (PST). There will also be a very small run of 8 super hyper “foil” variants available as well as a couple BW’s for those interested in participating in the COLORING NOOK,… they will be available here.

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