The String Cheese Incident – Austin TX gigposter

I got tasked by the folks at The String Cheese Incident to create a new print for their big 3-day concert at Stubbs in Austin, TX. I’ve been down to Austin a couple times and have always liked the vibe of that city. Taking a stroll you might find some weird elaborate chalk drawings on the sidewalk or guerilla-style mosaics embedded in the side of a building. Everywhere you look things are very colorful, the people are artistic and of course the music is amazing.

A lot of the stuff I have done for String Cheese in the past leans more toward the cosmic & hyperspace-ish so with this print I wanted to go for more of a rustic-look yet still keeping it bright and colorful. The core concept of the steer skull w/ facepaint was there all along, it just took a couple iterations to figure the right way to implement certain things like the Capitol building or the jellyfish.

The print is a 6-color screenprint (18′ x 24′) printed by the kickass folks at Good Thoughts (Boulder, CO) with a run of 275 for the band, and I will have available a small run of Artist Prints (signed/AP) starting April. 18th @ 11am (PST).

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