TRPS Festival of Rock Posters 2012, San Francisco….

Hey all,.. it’s been a couple years since I did a TRPS show but I will be back in the Bay Area this October for the annual TRPS Festival of Rock Posters in Golden Gate Park (Hall of Flowers), on Saturday, October 13th. I have been doing a lot of posters shows but this one is special because it features a lot of the old school posters artists from the 60’s and old Fillmore-era work that heavily influence me growing up. The initial line up looks great with such greats as Wes Wilson & Lee Conklin, plus more artists are still to come…

Wes Wil­son
Jason Wil­son
Stan­ley Mouse
Lee Con­klin
Chuck Sperry
Vic­tor Moscoso
Den­nis Loren & Cahoots Graph­ics / Blue Moon Posters
Don Ryder
Marq Spusta
Derek John­son
Reg­gie Williams (Straight The­ater)
SF Rock­posters
Dave Hunter
David Singer
Randy Tuten
Paul Imag­ine
Secret Ser­pents
Carl Lund­gren
Ryan Ker­ri­gan
John Bal­las
Paul Getchell
Matt Leu­nig
Perry Pfef­fer
John Seabury
Chris Shaw
Alexan­dra Fis­cher
Gary Hous­ton
Tea Lautrec Litho
Ron Dono­van
Star Shields (The Ora­cle)
John Mavroudis
Pat Ryan
Josh Me
Car­olyn Fer­ris
Eric King
Vince Dugar
Sher­wood Don­ahue
Kris Mikkel­son
Cliff Yamasaki
Sal Dicheira

(flier by Derek Johnson)

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