TRPS: Rock Art by the Bay – Summer 2016


TRPS (The Rock Poster Society) is throwing their big annual “Rock Art by the Bay” event, this year at the Mission Masonic Center in San Francisco. I will be one of the artists showcasing poster amongst a slew of amazing gigposters artists, past & present…

Alan Forbes
Alex Fischer
Casey Castille
Chris Peterson
Chris Shaw
Criesta Jerray
David Byrd
Gary Houston
Geroge Gamboa
John Mavroudis
John Seabury
Lee Conklin
Mari Tepper
Mark Behrens
Marq Spusta
Matt Leunig
Ron Donovan
Ryan Kerrigan
Secret Serpents
Stanley Mouse

The show is from 10am – 6pm and is FREE to the public…

Poster by Gregg Gordon…

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