Twiddle Fall Tour 2017 poster…

The past couple years I had started to see posters for a band in the jam scene called Twiddle but had never really been exposed to their music. They recently reached out to me to do a print for the first leg of their Fall Tour which comprised of 7 tour stops. It’s always interesting and fun to work a new band for the 1st time and try to figure out their style and how to translate it visually.

Obviously Fall was a big influence in the concept and I had been toying with the idea of some kind of patchwork, tripped out scarecrow so the timing was perfect. The band had just started using the image of a “pumpkin amp” to start promoting so I figured it would be a good idea to work it in with a whole colorful patch of them.

This poster had a print run size of 200 that the band took on tour and I will have a small Artist Edition (signed/numbered) run of 40 available on Oct. 2nd.

Along with the regular edition,.. there will be a super small Artist Edition run of 8 foil variants available as well. Cheers!!!!

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