Wakarusa Music Festival 2014

Waka, waka, waka!!!! Festival season is upon us and to celebrate I worked with the ever expanding Wakarusa Music Festival again this year to do a commemorative print. I did a poster for them back in 2012, which was an adventure and was happy to get some new trippy lady concepts from my head out onto paper.

I liked the idea of an Animal Parade. Painted up nature freaks on display going through the woods to the big event… random animal joining as they pass. Doing a huge shot of tons of animals would have lost detail on things and I like the current setup. I realized she should have a hula hoop somewhere on her saddle though. Its always tough trying to cram every band onto a poster as it takes away from the poster. And most people dont care… but I get it. If I was a band who played I’d want my name on there.

The print is a 5-color print, 18’x 24′ with a print run of 300. I will be selling 30 AP’s copies that are signed / AP’s. The printing came out great and the colors are pretty crazy.

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