Defunct Ween T-shirt design….

If you haven’t heard, the band Ween is no more. The details are muddled and I still hold onto a glimmer of hope but it’s a bummer for sure. They have been one of my favorite bands since high school and I was super psyched to have them as a band/client I had a good working relationship with.

Right at the tail end of their last tour I was hired to convert a design I did for a Gene Ween solo poster into a tour shirt for the band. The work was finished and the idea was to have it as merch for the next tour, except…. there is no next tour. So I wanted to share it. Just because the band isn’t together any more doesn’t mean there wont be new merch for fans in the future as there is defininetly a demand for it. There is hope this will see the light of day.

I am not sure if the shirts were ever printed but if you like the design make a fuss about it and let them know you want it.

Thanks for the tunes boys….

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