Widespread Panic – Boise poster foil variant release.

WSP Boise - Foil

Thanks to everyone that purchased the Widespread Panic – Boise poster released this week. They are currently Sold Out!!!! I have a couple copies in case of any problems arise with the 1st run of shipping, so there might be 5 or so available later.

For those of you more hardcore collectors with a sweet tooth for foil I am releasing a “sparkle variant” next week, MONDAY, MARCH 23rd @ 9AM (PST).

WSP - Boise, ID (Foil close up)


This is a small run of 35 foil prints which will all will be Signed / AP


To add to the excitement I will be slipping in a little testprint into 4 of the orders at Random. There is no raffle… no special requests… they will be just be dropped at random into tubes before they go out. Good luck!!!

"Elder Ram" Test prints 2

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