Widespread Panic Boston print…

Tonight the lads at Widespread Panic are stopping in Boston as part of their Summer Tour and to commemorate they asked me to throw a print together.

I’ve been on a bit of a “shaman” kick the last couple posters of mine and wanted to give Boston the same treatment by creating a “Colonial Shaman” while utilizing the old patriotic colors. I love dreamcatchers and wanted to try and create a character with a massive dreamcatcher headdress.

There is an extremely limited run of B&W’s available… we are talking like 10 prints. These are exclusively available for those w/ children interested in coloring… Not for Collectors to swap. They are FREE upon request AFTER ordering a copy of the Boston print with the idea that they will be colored and an image of the final “Kiddie variant” will be sent back to be bused for the COLORING NOOK. See examples here.

To reiterate the rules:

  1. B&W must be requested for a child to color
  2. A photograph must be sent of the final coloring job to be used for the “COLORING NOOK”
  3. Coloring doesn’t have to happen immediately as I know people have lives to lead.. but in a somewhat timely fashion.  I have some folk who have had B&W’s claiming they will color who have had prints for over 8+ months.
  4. Failure to do so will make you ineligible for any future B&W’s and make the gods angry.

I hate to crack down and be anal about this but people take advantage and I’m really looking to try and get these in the hands of people who will enjoy them.  If you don’t think you can comply then please do not request one.  Everyone wins.

The poster had a print run of 400, which will be available tonight at the show & I will be releasing my Artist Prints tomorrow, June 14th @ Noon (PST) It is a 5-color print, 18’x24′. There will be some variants released down the lines… surprise, surprise.

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