Widespread Panic – Chattanooga, TN print

WSP Chattanooga 16

Widespread Panic are back in town for a 2-day run at the Oakland Fox Theater and with that comes a new print. I’ve enjoyed working with these guys over the years on random gigs here and there but the ability to work on shows in my own town is always a special one. I get a chance to go big and represent the ol’ neighborhood. This show falls on the announcement that the band will stop touring in the next couple months


Chattanooga, TN has some easy imagery associated with it…. the “Chattanooga Choo Choo”… Riverboats… bridges.. trains, etc. All of which I wanted to stay away from. Poster concepts that feature a lot of imagery and reference to the city in question tend to be really successful but I didn’t want it to completely dictate the whole direction of the piece. My wife has gone to Chattanooga a bunch and spoke a lot about the boat culture as well as the huge Aquarium they have. I knew I wanted to do something aquatic and mysterious and have always loved the other worldly look and design of old deep sea diving suits.


The 5-color poster is 18′ x 24′ and has a print run of 300 which SOLD OUT at the show. I will be making a run of about 60 Artist Edition prints (signed/numbered) available on Monday, April 25th (PST).



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