Widespread Panic Milwaukee 2013 print… the RETURN!!!

This past weekend was the big 3-day Widespread Panic show in Milwaukee and I had the privilege of being asked to do a print for it. The last time I did a Panic Milwaukee print was waaaaay back in 2008,… back when Sarah Palin made the scene, Britney Spears had a shaved head and Breaking Bad was just a rookie.

Like last time, the show fell on the local Oktoberfest in the most beer-friendly city in America so it was only natural to go for the old beer label look when designing the print. I looked at a bunch of old classic beer ads and packaging from the 1920’s & 30’s,.. and of course had to include the Badger reference. It isn’t as trippy or cosmic as I would usually do but for this stop it made sense…. something taste good, feel good.

    Early Concepts

THe print is a 5-color print, 18’x 24′ with a print run of 620. All copies were pretty much SOLD OUT each night of the show and I will be selling a limited run of AP’s (Artist Prints).

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