Widespread Panic Milwaukee 2013 variants…

I am finally settled back on the West Coast in my studio space in Oakland. Things finally made their way out of boxes and due to the timing of everything the release of the variants for the Milwaukee Widespread Panic show got postponed but I am happy to say they are now up and available.

I don’t do a lot of variants and due to the printing technique I use of layering a lot of semi-transparent watered down colors, using bold or dark colored paper doesn’t always work very well. For these Panic prints I did a small set of metallic gold & silver coverstock. The paper color is very subtle but the metallic effect looks really beautiful.

Both prints are 5-color, 18′ x 24′ with extremely small print runs.
The Silver print run is 28….. $60
The Gold print run is 18….. $65

All prints are signed/numbered.

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