Widespread Panic print… Chicago 2013

The Windy city was host to starjammers Widespread Panic this past weekend and I got the call to commemorate this cosmic event and create a print commemorating the 2-night run. Panic has always been a constant in my career which has been fun. I have done 5 prints for them dating back to 2007 and love the artistic freedom they allow. They have a rabid fanbase and are great supporters of the poster scene.

The concept/design took on a couple different looks as it was developing. It started off more summer sunshine-y and eventually evolved to a more cosmic vibe, which i prefer. The Chi-town wind god keeping watch. I tend to get a bit crazy with color and noticed the piece started to go a little overboard so I simplified the color scheme for the final design which I feel is stronger.

The print is NOW AVAILABLE in the POSTER Section and is currently limited to 2 per order (to try and deter eBay poachers). It is 5-color print, 18’x 24′. The total print run available at the shows was 550, and I only have a limited AP (Artist Print) run available of 50.

3 Comments on “Widespread Panic print… Chicago 2013

  1.  by  Micah

    Not sure if this is for sale or you a giving 1 away free for a lucky winner but man either way this would be sweet the April 12 show was my 30th Birthday and I missed it since I have a termilly ill child !!

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